Narcan Training

Narcan (naloxone HCI) Nasal Spray

Use NARCAN Nasal Spray (naloxone hydrochloride) for known or suspected opioid overdose in adults and children.

*Administer in accordance with the Instructions for Use. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide

What is Naloxone?

  • Naloxone is a medication that reverses opioid overdose by restoring breathing.

About Naloxone:

  • Wears off in 30 minutes to two hours
  • Delivery: intramuscular , intranasal or intravenous
  • Side effects are minimal and rare
  • No potential for misuse or high
  • No effect on someone who hasn’t taken opioids
  • Safe for children and pregnant women

Naloxone is only effective in reversing
opioid overdoses.

What Naloxone Does & Doesn’t Do

  • Naloxone has a shorter half-life than many opioids
  • Overdoses with long-lasting opioids like methadone or longer acting prescription pills may even require ongoing intravenous naloxone
  • Naloxone does not work for overdoses produced by non-opioids (e.g., benzodiazepines, alcohol, other sedatives)

Narcan Educational Session

The sessions will train lay responders (drug users, friends, and family members) on how to reduce overdose risks, recognize signs of an overdose, access medical services, and administer Narcan NAsal Spray; in addtition to taking other action (e.g., rescue breathing and contacting emergency medical assistance).

After being trained, each participant will be eligible to receive an overdose pervention kit, which includes instructions and needle-free nasal spray filled with Naloxone Hydrochloride. Participants will aslo receive a toolkit booklet with resources and referral information pertaining to substance use disorder treatment.

Make an appointment for one-on-one sessions at the MCPHD Substance Use Outreach Services Program.

  Phone: (317) 221-4628  

  Address:1650 North College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46202 

Make an appointment  with a Nurse for one-on-one sessions at the MCPHD District Health Offices:

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1650 N. College Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Make an appointment for one-on-one sessions at the MCPHD Substance Use Outreach Services Program.